Social networking sites allow teachers and students the opportunity to share and collaborate with one another. Teachers can use social networking sites to exchange lessons, ideas for best practices, tips, techniques, and as a means of social support.

One type of social networking site is called Ning. According to Wikipedia, Ning is an online platform for people to create social networks around a specific interest. The format of a Ning site is simple and similar across all Ning sites, although Ning site creators are allowed to make some changes. In the free version, there are ads controlled by Ning. The biggest problem I have with Ning is that there is no searchable Ning directory. This feature was disabled in November 2009. However, I have put together a list of Ning sites that are related to education, technology, differentiated instruction, and subject that you might find useful. Each link opens in a new browser.

    • New: Some of the Ning sites below may not be live anymore as Ning no longer provides free Nings. If you click on one that is not live, please use the edit button to delete the site.

Ning Sites:

AP English
Art Education 2.0
Blogging4Educators Ning
Blogs, Nings, and Social Networking
Classroom 2.0 Ning
Edublogger World
EFL Classroom Ning
English Companion Ning
ISTE Community
I Teach Social Studies Ning
K12 Online
Learning in Maine Community
Literacy in a Digital Classroom
Making Curriculum Pop
Making It Personal
Mathematics 24x7
Media Arts Education Net
Music Techie Teachers Ning
National Council for the Social Studies Ning
NL Connect by Alan November
Promethean IWB Users
School 2.0
SMART Board Revolution
Teacher-Librarian Ning
Teachers 2.0
Teaching Digital History
Teaching Every Student
Tech Friends
Technology Integration in Special Education
Technology Rich Classrooms
The CUE Community
The Educator's PLN
The Future of Education Ning
The Global Education Collaborative
The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution
Technology Integration in Education Ning
We Are Teachers Community


Twitter is a form of microblogging where members can post "tweets," short messages limited to 140 characters. Check out this video from Chris Haskell over at Cool Teacher Podcast below to see how Twitter can be used in the classroom.


Free, and very similar in layout to Facebook. Teachers and students can share ideas, events, files, and assignments.


Similar to Edmodo, this site is also a web-based learning management system with a Facebook-like setting. Schoology is also free.



Teachers can create online classes with this free open-source web application.